Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Morning Show

At my visit school we record a brief English radio program with a highlighted phrase or word per day.  It consists of a short English conversation between another native English speaker and me, and then two students using the key word or phrase in "their own" sentence.  The most amusing thing about this is that the students don’t volunteer, have time to practice/prepare, or get to choose what they will say.  No this is no Wayzata New’s Break where I imagine getting air time was competitive (though I don’t actually know, because I would have had give up a gym class in order to try a class like that, No thankyou!).  Anyway, the students are chosen at random by the teacher in charge of the program.  He just walks around the hall grabbing whatever students happen to cross his path.  It was hilarious watching a group of girls launch themselves into a classroom when they heard him around the corner.  And they didn’t stop there, they proceeded to shove into the only area in the room (right behind the door) that is not visible from the hall.  Surprisingly enough since I have never enjoyed hearing my voice as it actually sounds rather than as it is in my head, I really enjoy doing these recordings and letting my newly discovered cheesy DJ alter ego out.  


  1. Would love to hear this show!

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Just got your blog address from your dad - congratulations on your decision to go to teach English in Japan! I loved reading your reports and am amazed at your fortitude on Mount Fuji! Good luck and keep writing - what a fun way to share your experience. I hope to see more photos as well.
    Take care,
    Hugs from
    Michèle (Kunz - UUCM connection!) :-)

  3. thanks much, and there will indeed be far more pictures once I have my own internet set up