Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Around Takaoka: the Kojo Park Zoo

One place I have explored in town is Kojo Park.  It is a big park, and among other things includes a small zoo (like the park by the swamp in La Crosse for those of you who had to observe the monkeys at some point).  But, for such a small zoo I learned a lot. 

~ Spider monkeys have a green/yellow tint to them, and are adorable.  I want one for a pet.

~  A raccoon dog is a real animal, but it is made out of nightmares.  Seriously, they looked pure evil.

~ Emu’s make surprisingly low sounds…idk how to describe it, something between a bark and a honk (of a bass or baritone whichever is lower).

~African porcupines are enormous.  They are not quite the size of a golden retriever but might be about equal to a small lab.  Certainly more than twice the size of Taz, but (probably) not quite three times the size.

And yes I tried to get photos and if the animals stayed still long enough for any of them to come out well I will add them when I get a chance

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