Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Convenience stores and vending machines

They can be a major money sink.  You spend a little here and a little there, just the tiniest bit each day and before you know it you have spent a ton.  I realize this, and that I should stop using them so much but…

1.  They are called convenience stores for a reason, they are convenient.  And they really REALLY are.  I believe there are 3 between my apartment and school, making it so tempting for me to hit snooze a few extra times, and make up for that time by buying lunch rather than making it. 

2.  The little old lady cashier makes my morning when I stop in.  She is always so chipper.  She chit chats animatedly no matter how confused I get or how blankly I stare at her, and her excitement doesn’t disappear even when I tell her I can’t understand (which happens about twice per visit).  She just goes blabbering on until I understand a word or two and she gets even more excited.    

3.  Mountain Dew is not at the super markets near my apartment (I have seen it at one store that is on the far side of the train station, I would estimate it’s around a 45 minute walk one way).  Nor have I seen it in the vast majority of the vending machines scattered liberally around town.  Where is one vending machine that has it?  My school (oddly grape mountain dew is in a lot of them).  

 And for those reasons I think my vending machine and convenience store habit will be a hard one to break!

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