Tuesday, August 2, 2011

catching up

So its been awhile...  I left Tokyo and my final thoughts while heading to the airport were about how little of the city I had seen, how awesome the buildings are (usually I take excessive amounts of nature photos and ignore city scapes, but if I had not been on a bus I would have at least a hundred random building photos), and that Tokyo has way WAY more green space than I thought.
In Toyama-I have not been an active or exciting person here yet. So far has been a lot of paperwork for the local govt, the phone company(by the way,picking a phone plan when you cant read the details is less than fun), the bank, etc.I have also spent a lot of time sleeping and even more wishing I were asleep. 
Anyway on the few occaisions I have dragged myself out of bed I met a good number of the ALTs in the area and they seem like a great group.  I also found a baskin robbins and a mcdonalds that are within walking distance of my apartment so no need to concern yourself that I may starve here.I had orange muffin flavored ice cream for lunch that day in case you were wondering, and it was awesome!!!(it tastes way better than it sounds) 
Next time I get my computer somewhere connected to the internet I will post some pics from exploring my city and from the Tanabata festival which is going on at the moment.  

P.S. yes I know the formatting got wierd during that post but I cant figure out how to fix it

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