Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Failure

Hello All,

Yes I am alive and well, and clearly a blog failure.  This is mainly because I have been very busy.  Being busy is a good thing.  I have had things for work like mid-terms and speech contest that were stressful.  I have had a few adventures like going to Kyoto that were unique and amazing.  There have been holiday parties and dinners with friends spread all over the region that are fun but take more time and effort because of how spread out we are.  And there has been the discovery of how to check out books from the library onto my kindle (that is just dangerous to my ever being productive). 

Staying busy has kept me very happy and I am enjoying things here immensely, however I have been getting caught up a bit with going out and doing things, rather than staying in and being productive (not all that bad but I still should focus a bit more often).  I am behind on my blogging, behind on my Japanese studies, and behind on sleep. 

That being said winter is just around the corner and I am sure the cold will motivate me to stay in a bit more and get things done!   So my apologies to those who have been waiting for more info I will try to re-dedicate myself to posting something even if it is short at least once every-other week.