Friday, September 30, 2011

Zippity doo da

I went to the YKK zipper factory, the largest zipper manufacturer in the world (go ahead look at your zipper right now its about a 50/50 shot you will see YKK on it) and made a zipper here is how

Steps to making a zipper:

1.  Choose a tape (I went with hot pink, Surprise suprise)

2.  Bite it with a metal alligator looking tool thing (no I am not up on my tool names other than the basics) and wrap a rubber band around it 3 times

3.  Stick the teeth on one by one…all facing the same direction or you will have to start over again…that direction should be towards the middle or you will have to stqrt over again again


 4.  Pound it 5 or six times using the wheelie machine

5.  Hammer in the zipper stops or in our case have the professional hammer the zipper stops in place

6. rub it along wax (which helps it run smoothly and quickly in case you have any slow zippers you wanna touch up)

7.  Ta Da You have yourself a zipper…back in the day a skilled worker could whip out like 100 of these a day…I do not think I would have been one of the skilled ones

Anyway, I didn’t think I would find this part of my tour to interesting…instead I was annoyed we had to leave so soon and I didn’t have much time to look around and read the displays in the zipper museum.  So I focused in on just one section of the exhibit, which was about the air tight zippers they use (or used I don’t know if they still do) on astronaut suits.  I really enjoyed it, and the fact that I did tells me I might be turning into my dad (which is long as I never take as long to go through a museum as he did at the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum)

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