Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kurobe Gorge

Happened 9/17
Written 9/27

This post (and the next few) are all things I did in my prefecture with a great group of other foreigners living and working in the area.  I broke the posts up because it would be way long if I put it all into one.  I am starting with Kurobe Gorge because I get really camera happy whenever I hike in the hills, and it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. 
 These photos are from the town we caught a sightseeing train in...I believe it was called Unazuki.  The whole area has hot springs and things running through it so that fountain is warm and we had a lovely little foot soak before heading out.

 The western european castle looking thing is actually a hydro-electric power plant.

 These bridges (all along the way) are for monkeys not people...but I never saw any on them

 We were on a curve so I caught the front of our adorable orange train in a pic

 Fog, Fog, Fog ............and more fog

 One with me in it to make the rents and G-rents happy
 This area is known as the jumping monkey gorge...the name once again getting my hopes up that I would see some cute critters...sadly it is named that because it is the skinnyest place along the water so monkeys used to jump across there (I suppose they still could now but they have all the convienient bridges so why bother)

I hope to make it back here soon cause there are lots of trails in the area other than the one I was on...also I need to get a picture of this bridge without that pesky branch!

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