Thursday, September 1, 2011

The (long delayed) Tateyama Adventure

Took Place: Aug. 11
Written: Sept. 2

     Tateyama or Mount Tate is one of the three holy mountains in Japan (along with Fuji and  Haku).  I have heard it referred to as “where the gods live.” In my mind I refer to it as the “happy mountain” (because obviously it is compared to Fuji or as I think of it Mount Doom).  

     Anyway Tateyama happens to be in my home ken of Toyama and as part of my orientation I had the opportunity to hike it or to go to the onsen.  This was before mount doom and I chose to hike!  It was wonderful.  You get up in the cool fresh mountain air and go for a lovely hike and at the end of it there is a shrine (Shinto I believe, possibly called the Oyama shrine but I could be messing that up) and a priest to bless you and give you sake.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day even if we did spend some of it in the mists/clouds rather than with a view.

(Ill add more photos later, but I did not take any of the priest or shrine at the top because I was not sure if it would be polite or not)

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  1. Fairly convinced this is the right Rebecca's Japan blog I've been told so much about - I had to see if the stories you told were true.
    I want you to know that your hairy hamster comparisons have been mentally scarring...Dom is having trouble sleeping.
    That doesn't mean you win by the way.
    Anyway, Hope you're enjoying england. I'm sorry we don't quite measure up to Japan!
    And if that makes no sense to you, I probably have the wrong person....and so please ignore me!