Sunday, July 24, 2011

Made it

I am now in Japan
First impression of Tokyo:  It was darker than I thought it would be.  This may have been because the famous picture(s) of the roads with copious amounts of neon lights and street signs.  Perhaps that is not actually as common as I always thought.  I have also heard it said not all the lights are being turned on anymore to conserve power since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear reactor issues.  So it could actually be darker than normal (I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of this statement of the credibility of it's source but that's what I heard)

I am exhausted so did little exploring I pretty much ate and walked around for like half an hour, typed this and then will pass out.  But below is my first meal in Japan, Leek Citron Udon.

First impression of Japanese food:  the broth was tasty however udon noodles are so large around for a pasta I found it tricky to eat (then again I lack skills with the C-stix)  Also I was surprised by the portion.  I got a medium having heard portions would be much smaller than back home, but it was much to large for me to finish and was very filling food.  

Anyway no more for now as I am falling asleep at the desk.

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