Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Ready

Apply for a job
Get job
Paperwork for job
IRS paperwork
National Background check
2nd National Background check when 1st fingerprints were unreadable
State Background check in case the 2nd national one doesn't show up on time
Visa Application
International Drivers Permit
Get working appropriate clothes
Set up Blog
Inform bank ill be in Japan
Research where I am going
Research high school lesson plans
Eat lots of Chipotle
Spend time with family and friends
Probably other things that I have already forgotten about

Need to do:
Pack a years worth of stuff (or more) into these 3 little bags

Get travelers checks and/or yen
Finish cleaning out my room
Power of Attorney paperwork
pick up a few odds and ends
learn Japanese
See final Harry Potter film
eat more Chipotle
Say goodbye to family and friends
Probably other things I am forgetting about

This process started about 9 months ago, now in less than I week I will be in Tokyo, and in less than two weeks I will have moved into my new apartment and started my new job

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